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:star::fuzzydemon: Hello to all our fellow witchers, sorceresses, non-humans, artists and so on. I'm here today with a proposal to all of you. As you remember, we had this little thing going on not that long ago, Artist of the DamNation. And since we ran out of personal time to continue it accordingly to the plan - it had to stop being regular. Yet. You're still here, you still make your great art and heck, you deserve all the visibility you can get. And we want to give it to you!

 :pencil: Write your own entry about yourself.
 Yes, that's right. We're here to prompt you to promote yourself a little, tell us about yourself, show off your art and your pages! You can use the old entries as your example, or you can make up your own. Below I give you a plan of what we'd like from you in these entries, including the terms we hope you can keep up with:

 :bulletred: Tell us how you found the Witcher.
 :bulletblue: Who's your favorite character?
 :bulletgreen: Which game is your favorite?
 :bulletred: What other games you like?
 :bulletblue: What's your art style?
 :bulletgreen: What are other things you like to do?
 :bulletred: Any personal pages you wish to share (art blogs, personal blogs, portfolios, tumblrs, etc.)

 :halfliquid: The one rule is one entry per week (you can post it in your own journal and inform us about it if you want a review beforehand). An entry in general. Everyone deserves attention, so do you, and so does the person before you. Don't become a limerick and we'll love you forever!

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I started this story on my own, but I would really prefer to share it in an RP.
The synopsis is as follows:
Rowena, the world's only female witcher, was raised under extraordinary circumstances. Much like her male companions Geralt, Eskel, and Lambert, she has built a life as a nomadic and ruthless killer for hire. Such a reclusive lifestyle can be difficult on any human, regardless of a lifetime of rigorous training. A chance encounter between friends, Rowena and Eskel, leads to a night of drunken passion, something they both need. But when the witcheress' true feelings for Geralt are crushed by the introduction of his new lover, Yennifer, the annual winter rest a Kaer Morhen breeds contentment between the four friends for the first time.
Basically I've set the stage for a dramatic and exciting love debacle. Lambert is secretly in love with Roe who has shared a bed with Eskel. Roe secretly loves Geralt, who brings a woman to Kaer Morhen that no one can stand even sharing the air with. Eskel finds himself falling for Roe, even knowing how she feels for Geralt. And with Geralt and Yen's notorious "on again off again" relationship status, Roe might not be able to resist letting her true feelings show. How will Eskel react? Will Yenn find out? Will Lambert stay quiet? Oh the drama!
To keep things simple, I'd like for this stay between no more than 2 to 3 writers (including myself). I have been in RP's larger than that and ultimately someone always drops the ball. PLEASE ensure you are editing you writing! Put more thought into your work than just a few short sentences! And progress the story!
This will be a Mature story, so please be of age 18 or above.
I would like to write for Rowena and Geralt. That leaves room for Eskel, Lambert, and Yennifer.
I have started the story here:

Rowena dismounted her horse, glad to have made it to the village for the evening. The thought of one more night of sleeping in fields and forests made her skin itch, and the thick mud caked to her boots weighed heavily on her aching legs. She carefully tied her companion to the nearest trough and paid handsomely for extra feed and water before venturing inside the Inn, hoping there would be room or at very least, welcome. Not many did welcome her “kind” in these small offset villages of the land. Her eyes would give her away if nothing else, so it made little sense to remove one of the two swords she carried upon her back. One for monsters, the other for beasts, but in her unfortunate experience, there was often little difference between the two save the choice between oils.
The warmth of the Inn’s tavern fires were of welcomed relief to her cold joints. Winter was not yet upon them, but the night rides were a chilly discomfort nonetheless. Pausing to take in the scene, a small smirk joined the scar on he left cheek. No matter where she went in the world, town folk were the same. She knew not if that gave her comfort or if it was the simply the benefit of knowing what to expect. The aching feet inside her heavy leather boots carried her toward the bar where the tender, and likely the Innkeep, was cleaning glasses. He nodded at her approach, unmolested by her obvious witcher presentation, and set aside his task to lean toward her on the bar.
“A female Witcher. Can’t say I’ve heard of many of you before”, he remarked, studying her slowly.
Rowena rested her elbows into the bar, relaxing the muscles of her back for the first time in what felt like days, “You wouldn’t have. I’m the only one.”
“Really? And is that some kind of honor, then?”
She stifled a chuckle, rising back to her full height which surprisingly was not much above 5’6’’, “I sure hope not.”
The barman nodded again, giving her a deep grin, “What’ll it be then?”
“Two night’s bedding. I’ll be here to resolve some of your town folk’s contracts, then be on my way.”
“Oh”, he responded hesitantly. “In that case, I best be tellin’ ya there may not be much in the way of contracts here for you, Miss.”
Rowena’s arched brow rose, “I have it in good confidence that this village was begging for a witcher not three days ago.”
“Yes ma’am, but you see”, his long arm pointed to a darkened corner at the back of the room. Two men boxing obstructed the view of a man sitting there alone, enjoying a large ale in silence. His face could not be properly studied from this distance, lighting, and distractions, but the woman had a good feeling she knew who sat there based on posture alone. “That there’s a Witcher been here a night already. Killed many of the monsters set to contract and on the trail of the last. Sorry, Miss.”
The woman witcher squinted in the direction of her competitor, studying him from afar, “It’s alright. Happens from time to time. I’ll take the room for a night, and a couple of pints.”
After exchanging the coin for two large mugs, Rowena set out toward the back of the tavern where she watched her competitor finishing the last few drops of his drink. Having not taken any notice of her, he began to stand when the slam and slosh of foamy brew hit his table.
“Where do you think you’re going?, the familiar female voice asked cooly.

Please note me if you are interested.
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